Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food Storage?

How many of you do food storage? I have thought a lot about it the last month or so (Since I have been on Maternity Leave...) I was thinking that when I get back to work, and can start putting 30-50 dollars into food storage a paycheck, I will be happy...

THEN... I get a book in my mailbox yesterday.. My ward, well the Relief Society made a book on Food Storage.. It is a week by week Food Storage Plan.. I was so EXCITED when I saw it.. How did they know that I was in need of a way to get started on this!? This book is a weekly plan for a year to get your food storage up. They say that if you follow this plan, you will have your storage up, and be in the groove and can continue to build it..

SOOOO.. I am going to share with YOU! I figured I would pass this information on with you! I will be doing a weekly post on what to buy for the next week.. =) I know you are as excited as I am, right?
Well before I start I want to share some of the Info from the front of my book...


The First Presidency has counseled us to prepare for adversity by getting out of debt and having a 3-month emergency savings. They have also advised us to do the following:

1. Save a small 3-month supply of items that are part of our normal, daily diet. These must be rotated often.

2. Store drinking water; this can be done for any size family by getting 2 50-gallon containers and sanitizing with food-grade(35%) hydrogen peroxide.

3. Save up a larger 1-year supply of food that will last a long time and can be used to keepy your family alive such as wheat, beans and rice.

Suggested Supply for 1 Person/1 Year
Grains (wheat, oats, etc): 400 lbs. (72#10 cans)
Dry beans, peas, etc: 60 lbs. (12#10 cans)
Powdered milk: 16 lbs. (4#10 cans)
Sugar or Honey: 60 lbs. (10#10 cans)
Cooking Oil: 10 quarts
Salt: 8 lbs.

*If you follow this week-by-week plan, you will get very close to storing that which Church leaders recommend for a family for one year. Please plan to purchase items for each week in quantities that suit your family size.

Okay, so I hope that helps you all! The book has different items for you to buy every week. I am going to post this weeks items NOW!

March 7-12 2011:
Spices and Herbs you may use most often: pepper, cinnamon, thyme, oregano, chili powder, etc. Must Rotate..

I hope that you all are going to do this too! I sure could use some friends that will push me to get it! (I may be a couple weeks behind, but at least I am trying!)

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