Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{ Day 3 }

Your idea of the perfect first date

Well personally I think I had the BEST first date ever!
I never thought that I would ever have a first date with the one that I had a HUGE, I mean HUGE crush on in High School! So here is my story... (the short version!)
In High School, I had a huge crush on Adam. Come to find out, he had a crush on me too.. But we were both to scared to ask each other out on a date.. Haha! So, after graduation, things went on and we both went our separate ways..

9 years later....

I was on Facebook one night and had a suggestion saying 'people you may know' He was a mutual friend to one of my friends on FB.. So I then requested him as a friend and sent him a message.. Just seeing how things were going and how he was.. A couple days went by and again, I was on FB and so was he... We started talking and gave each others numbers out.. Another couple days went by and he text me. We talked for awhile and then set a date for a first date... We met and went to get a drink.. (Why in good old SF is 'GETTING A DRINK' the cool thing to do!?) I had to cut it short, because the kiddos were at their dads, and I had to go and get them... SO... A couple days later, we ACTUALLY went on a date... Who would have guessed that we went to my favorite restaurant...


After eating, we went back to his house and watched a movie.. ( I think that it was Knocked Up or Superbad.. yeah we had many to choose from!) It was just nice to sit and catch up on life and what we both had done in the last years..

and yeah, after a long story, because I know you all wanted to hear how we actually met and started dating after 9 years, what we did for a first date!

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