Monday, April 5, 2010


For Family Home evening last Monday, the Family got together to make some signs for Tyson's arrival to SPANISH FORK! The kids had so much fun drawing on the paper and making little notes for Tyson, Lauren and Jordan.

Oakley wanted so bad to sit and trace the letters with me, he was so funny. He would not leave my side.

Erika was making sure Emily did not mess up!

Wait... was it just Emily and me doing all the work!?
On Wednesday it was the BIG day that we all got to see Tyson! Harley was so excited when Nanny went and got her out of school, so she could watch the ONE MAN Parade!
(In Spanish Fork, the Fire Department, Police and Ambulance escort the Army, Marines and National Guard to their home when they arrive back from War.) So Tyson was being escorted by lights and sirens.

Here are some of the Veterans from the Community

Ty on the Truck driving down Main Street

Let me tell you... It was so touching to see some of the people that stop on the side of the road and get out of their cars, to waive to them when they pass. People that do not even know the soldiers, get out and show their respect.

the street was filled with flags on both sides..
Ty and his Mini Me!
Harley and Tyson

Ty and Mom

When the escort took Ty to Mom and Dads house, it was right when the schools were getting out. And as some of you may know my parents live right by the Jr High. So it was BUSY! People were stopping to tell Tyson Thanks for his Service... People that did not even know him! It is amazing how much respect He got from the Community.

While we were saying our Hellos, the community television station came by and interviewed him.
Being interviewed
I just want to tell Tyson and all the other Soldiers out there, THANK YOU for your service and protecting our Country. It would not be the same in this country if we did not have the Brave MEN and WOMEN out their to risk their lives for all of us..


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