Monday, March 29, 2010

New mode of Transportation!

On Saturday the 6th, It was a really nice day and Adam wanted to go for a ride. We loaded the kids and Tessa in the Tahoe. Adam asked me if it was okay if we go and just LOOK at trucks. It was so good outside, that He wanted to just drive around and take a LOOK. He was not going to actually purchase anything that day. I said okay, that is fine, lets go and take a look. We drove to the couple places in Spanish Fork, and they did not have anything worth looking at. So we drove to American Fork to take a look.. Yes I know we went across the county, without stopping in between! We then went to Low Book Sales and saw a truck that we really liked. Adam test drove it and it was not exactly what he was wanting. He told the salesman, and the gentleman said that he had a newer truck in the SLC lot and they could bring it down here.

Adam took us home, because by this time it was going on 3 hours. The kids were getting bugged that they could not do anything. Adam then went back to the dealership and test drove the truck that they brought down. He fell in love with it. ( Our friends just bought a truck a few months ago, and Adam has loved it. He wanted something like theirs.) This truck was just like our friends, just a different year. He said that he would take it. Signed all the papers and said that he would be back on Monday to get it! (The salesman said that he could take both the Tahoe and the Truck home over the weekend, but how is a man supposed to get two vehicles back on Monday?!)

Monday came, and the kids were so excited that we were getting a new truck. Remember, I have not seen the truck before, just heard about it! We got home on Monday after work and Daycare, and saw the truck and LOVED it! On Tuesday, Adam took the truck to work to show his friend that he works with. Harley got up for school and cried because we did not get to take the truck. She wanted to get dropped off to school in it! I had to laugh because she will be getting a ride to school in it every day, because Adam drives the car to work! What is one day!?

I do miss the Tahoe, but love the Truck!!

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