Monday, January 19, 2009

Its pretty bad......


This is one of your closets and it is half way full of HOODIES! Yes, I love hoodies and I was just finishing up my laundry and noticed this... It is really half of the closet... FULL of hoodies! and if you saw the bottom of this closet, you would know I was from UTAH because of all the flip flops!

The second closet, yes I have two, and that is because neither one is big enough... This closet does have some of Tyson's jackets and stuff in it... but the pic does not show them... This closet is full of SCRUBS! I know you are wondering why I have all of my scrubs out... Well cleaning houses is not the cleanest! I would rather wear the scrubs and ruin then, than ruin a pair of jeans! I know its weird... Or I am just hoping that with them out and all the applying for jobs, one will come up that I will have to wear them! ( I think that I have every color available, except ORANGE because when I had to wear them for work, they thought you were a prisoner, with Orange... )

Well, I know that was the most random post, but I thought it was pretty funny!

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Hill said...

I love scrubs too. I loved when I worked for a podiatrist, he let me wear scrubs and flip flops. Heaven.

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