Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wisdom teeth... YUCK

On Monday morning I woke up with this really bad migraine and my neck and jaw hurt. I took all the pain meds that I had in my house to try to stop the pain. I then woke up again on Tuesday and it was even worse. I debated on calling my dentist or doctor, I did not know what one would be able to help me out the most. I decided that I would just call the dentist and see if I had an absess or something. They got me in for Wednesday morning, took an x-ray and let me know that the pain was coming from a wisdom tooth that was like the circled picture, just a little worse. The tooth was just barely exposed and also on a major nerve.. The dentist wondered why I had not taken it out already. I let him know that the last time that I had an x-ray there was no wisdom teeth at all in anything. He was a little surprised that it was now there... They called an oral surgeon to take it out and they said that it would be two weeks before they could get me in. Then she called another one and they said that they could get me on tomorrow, which is Thursday. I was amazed that I could get in the next day. Talk about FAST!!

When I got to the oral surgeon today, I was told a few things that did not make me too happy.. My insurance wont cover anything major until I was with them for 12 months.. This means that I have to pay for it all by myself.. Now I am glad that I only had one wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled.. Thank goodness I do not have anymore! Luckily, I signed up for a flex plan at work that had most of the money in it.. Why did I have to buy glasses at the first of the year! Oh, wait that was so I can see.. lol

Now I get to lay in my family room and watch t.v. have no kids at home and sleep! I have watched every show that seemed interesting and even a few movies.. Thank goodness that I do not have to do this for a long time, and I have family around to help me with the kids.. What would I do with out them??

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