Monday, August 29, 2011

1st day of School....

I had to go through TWO days of FIRST days! Not the funnest! Here are some pictures of the kids on their first day of school.. Harley is now in the THIRD grade, and loving it.. She is meeting new friends, since she is the NEW girl at school! Oakley is in Kindergarten and is in the same class as his friend at daycare. They get to ride the bus to and from school, which is nice but in a way not.. Harley started school last Monday, and Oakley today... Oak has been asking for a week when he gets to start school.. He has been so excited! Today I asked him if he was excited to go and he said..."I am excited for tomorrow... Because I get to ride the bus with Berklie!" WHAT? not the first day of school, but the bus?!
I have to laugh.. sorry if you are one of these parents... There was a couple parents (okay really one while I was there..) that was crying because her BABY was going to school.. Me? I couldn't be happier! Oak's school is during B's naptime, so that means ME time.. (on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays!) Well I was helping Oakley get his bag in the right place today, we put the bag on the hook and he said..."Okay mom... You can go now.. bye..." Wow, Mr. Independent! Glad that he is ready to go to school and actually liking it!
Harley is another story! She has loved school since Pre-school.. and has always been excited to go.. This year, not as much. She has fun, but she says that it is boring.. I am thinking that she will grow out of the boring school stage, and it is just because she is new to the school, and only has a couple friends (luckily a couple of those couple are in her class!) Well, Ill be done with my NOVEL and let you check out pictures.. For those couple of you that actually read my blog!

I am not big on making breakfast for my kids before school because we are always in a hurry to get ready and off to work and daycare, that they get cold cereal... BUT since my day off is Mondays, I thought that I would make them Crepes!
Brighton was even happy about it!

Harleys First day of School..
(didn't you know we lived in WINDY city USA!)Sitting in her class
Oakley and Erika's first day of Kindergarten
These two are best friends, and are not even in the same class, OR time...

Lexi wanted to get in the picture with them!
Oakley in front of his Classroom! He was so excited!
Oakley and Berklie

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