Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oak's First Haircut!

So I was getting sick of everyone saying that Oak looked like a little girl! So Tyson and I got out the clippers and cut his hair. Ty thought it would be fun to give him a mo-hawk! Yeah, after it was all done, it SOO fits Oak!


The Davis' said...

Too cute!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! You and Ty did a great job!!!

Victor & Michelle said...

It does look way cute! I loved his cute long hair though.. what are people thinking saying that he looks like a girl.. can't they see that he most def. dresses (or you dress him) like a boy!

Was this Harley's first trip to Disney? You have to put up more pics of the trip!

On Twilight: It's not that I don't like Edward.. I just can't see him physically to get into his character.. and.. I think Bella is STUPID! I started New Moon a couple days ago, on chapter 5, It's a little dull without the Cullens. Of course I know they come back or Bella finds them or else there would be no books. My prediction is that Bella goes to Alaska finds this other family makes them turn her into a Vampire and searches and searched for Edward.. not really.. but it has crossed my mind.

Greg & Breanne said...

He is so cute tiff!! He looks like tyson i, he's getting big too...i haven't even seen him in person yet either...maybe @ tyson's wedding! :)

Millas Killian said...

Well Tiff I thought I'd let you know that Oakley looks amazing with his mohawk. Also that you are awesome and I hope you have a wonderful weeked!

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